When we think about creating content that can be repeated in an easy way. We should go to see the wagtail project. It can be a good alternative for WordPress and easy to extend into a bigger project. What is base on the wagtail package? The main project which…


Pillow is one of the most important packages for python. Exist in many projects as dependencies. Very important is how you install this package in the environment to protect yourself from many frustrations. Let's start by installing Xcode command-line tools:

xcode-select --install

Next step is to install dependencies for pillow using homebrew:

brew install libtiff libjpeg webp little-cms2

Next install libraqm and its dependencies:

brew install freetype harfbuzz fribidi

Last step install pillow:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip
python3 -m pip install --upgrade Pillow

Not easy to install but it's a very powerful package that can be used to manipulate images.

I start my journey with docker a few mounts ago. It fixes many problems with environments and dependencies but when I started to use it more with more complicated think and get a problem with content which is in the docker container package. I have started thinking about how to…

Django supports the PostgreSQL database it can be a default database for our project when we think about the production-ready project. One big advantage is the ability to store our data in the JSON field. This allowed us to use Django ORM and have the ability to aggregate on JSON…

When you discover the basic advantage of the Django application we can go deeper with the Django framework and try another part of it what is internationalization.

In a time when google can translate everything, it’s not so important but when we think about the full professional site it’s a…

Django is one of the most effective tools for web developers who want to achieve many goals with small amount of time. Django environment support creating CMS with the django-cms package, custom shop with django-oscar, API for mobile app with REST framework, Django-channels for an async chat, and many other…

What is the next step when we want to create more robust application and sometimes we want some python manipulation in our template and not creating a special function in view. The first solution is to use a popular template framework called mako.

This solution allows creating python function in…

When we think about modern sites and how they are structure one of the most important things is the ability to easily integrate, map, and filter in the data queries. One function which allowed us this is filter function. Let’s explain it in a simple example:

In the above example, we can see filter function how we can filter or not which kind of output we want to return.

The basic structure of this method:

array.filter(function(currentValue, index, arr),thisValue)

We can also use the filter as a simple search engine with combine indexOf:

We can also use deconstructor to find many elements with the same properties:

Links to documentation:

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